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          Company Profile
          Established in 1996, Focus Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002315 /hereinafter called the “Focus Tech") has emerged as a leading Internet carrier in China. The company has received many national honors for its pioneering research on e-commerce. Focus Tech was recognized as a key software enterprise in the national planning layout, one of the national first batch of informationization pilot enterprises, one of the demonstration enterprises with deep integration of informationization and industrialization, one of the national first batch of e-commerce demonstration city pilot enterprises, one of the model enterprises of e-commerce initiatives approved by the Commerce Department.
          Focus Tech has always been committed to deep integration of the internet and traditional industries. By introducing internet respectively into foreign trade, insurance, corporate procurement, medical and other fields. Focus Tech successfully developed the following products: Made-in-China.com, Abiz.com, xyz.cn, Crov.com and inQbrands.

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